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What is a pet tag?

A pet tag is a sign that sits in the dog’s collar. This plate is often provided with the dog owner’s name, address and phone number. Pet tags can be made in several different materials. Aluminum pet tag, brass pet tag and silvered or gold dog tags.

You decide what should be on the pet tag. We will engrave it in a special machine so the writing is sharp and clear. Dogs sign is permanently mounted in the dog’s collar by a metal ring so it is secure and will not fall off the collar. A pet tag is also called dog tag, dog nametag, dog id or nameplate.

Why should I buy a pet tag?

Each year, many people lose their dog. Usually it is fortunately only away from home for a short time. But some dogs are so far from home that it can’t find its way back, and it’s a big help for those who find the dog that it has a pet tag with the correct contact information.

It can be difficult to find the owner. Especially if the dog is not wearing collar with a pet tag. It is also, in cases where the dog is hurt, important to quickly identify the owner. But in other situations may be needed to identify the owner of a dog, for example. If the dog has caused injury or is reported stolen. In some countries law requires a pet tag, but in all cases it is a good idea.

How can I buy a pet tag for my dog?

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Thank you for taking the time to read this article and good luck with your choice of pet tag.

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All dogs must, by law, wear a collar and identification tag.

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